Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006 - Day 1

We have a long day ahead of us - we are driving to Galveston today.  My sister and niece decided to ride down with us then drive our van back.  Then her, mom and the kiddos will be back to pick us up next weekend. 


We left out as soon as Rog got home.  Stopped for breakfast, and made a couple of other bathroom/gas fill up stops and arrived in Galveston 9 hours later.  It was very windy on the island, but the temps were nice. We checked into our hotel, which was very nice, we had a veiw of the gulf out our window.  We ate at Rainforrest Cafe - we didn't go on the ride, it was decked out for Halloween and I am not to crazy about haunted houses.  Dinner was great, we finsihed up just in time to go out and see the first erruption of the volcano on the roof. Rog and Em played some of the carnival games that were out front. We watched the volcano for a few minutes, then crossed the street to the beach.  There was a huge jellyfish washed up on shore, and we checked him out -- some other people came up and were kicking him back to the water, so we left.  The water was a bit cool, but it felt great washing up on our bare feet.  Em (my neice) had never been to the beach before, so she was having a blast. She would run out in the water, then run from the waves as they came upon shore.  She was also running along the water line - up and down the shore, laughing and having a blast.  When it got dark, we went back up to the room and all fell asleep pretty quickly.


On to Day 2!


  1. Just popping in to say hello to a fellow blogger friend classmate!

  2. I just joined today and saw your post, so I am happy to see you and a few other fellow CHC members are here, too! How do I add you to my friend's list??? I am such a newbie....hehe. I want to get in touch with the other girls from our group, too, to say hi. Glad you had a wonderful trip to Galveston and the cruise! What a dream vacation and well deserved! As soon as I figure out how to check out the pictures I will! So, glad to see you here! Please stop by my blog to say hi! God bless,



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