Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006 - Day 2

We leave today!!  We got up and ate breakfast, checked out of the hotel and drove around on the island a bit - we showed Chelle where her hotel for next weekend was and how to get there and how to get to the port from there and then, how to get headed home fromt he port after she dropped us off.  We drove down to where the ship was docked, there was ours and a Carnival ship - ours was big, but the Carnival was HUGE!!!  Once we got down there and saw the ships, I got a bit nervous. We stopped to take a couple of pictures and to tag our bags and I felt like I was going to be sick.  I wasn't, but I sure felt like it.  Rog made me put on my little seasick patch. We drove back around and my sis dropped us off and left.  We went inside, and they told us what was the game plan of sorts. We still had another 45 minutes to wait, but either it passed quickly opr they got started earlier, because we didn't stand around long before we started moving.  We had to go thru 'airport security' place our bags on the belt and empty our pockets type thing, then off to stand in another line, or so we thought - our room reservations had been upgraded, so since we were in a suite, we got to go stright to the front of the line.  They were having troubles with their scanners and were having to indiviually type in everyones passports and credit cards.  We got thru all of that and got to board the boat. Yes, I said boat - and that  is what I called it a boat.  Well, apparently, it is not a boat.  I was rudley informed by a lady who was in front of us (who, now that I think about it was listening to our conversation) that a boat would fit on a ship - a ship would not fit on a boat!  I quickly apologized for my lack of knowledge on the subject - I actually didn't know the difference and to be quite honeset, I didn't care to know the difference.  But anyways - we did get quite a bit of enjoyment out of that conversation the rest of the week - we took the liberty to correct each other when we caught each other saying boat. We even got the family hooked onto the humor in it and now no one can say boat around here without it being corrected!


We walked in and were pretty much in awe - it was so pretty- fancy I guess is more the word I should use - being from Arkansas, you don't get the oppurtunity to see fancy very much.  We roamed the boat, found our floor, (the rooms were closed off until 1:00 pm) found the Shore Excursions Desk and even though there was no one there, they had order forms that you could fill out for your choice excursions, so we did that and dropped it off (glad we did - the desk was very busy every time it was open and one of the excursions we went on was a limited space!) then headed up to the lunch buffet.  Everyone was worried about me because I am a very picky eater and I don't try new foods very well - they were worried that I wouldn't like the food or have much to eat.  The first lunch buffet was really good and had lots of choices - all my southern faves, then a whole nother bar of burgers and dogs - and then yet another bar of deli style sandwiches - this was the cafe that was open pretty much 24/7, so I knew I was going to be ok!!  After lunch, our cabins were opened, so we went to our room. It was a good size room, we had a balcony, and thankfully, while we were docked, we were facing the bay (I know that Galveston Bay is not much to look at, but I'll take a view of water of a view of the city anyday!).  We met our cabin steward - a really nice guy name Leaundro - he was from Trinidad and had been with RC for a couple of years.  We hung out in the room (mainly on the balcony - watching dolphins in the bay!!) until closer to time to leave. 


When it was time to depart, we were on Deck 10 - right at the front of the ship - not sure how we got there, but it wsa pretty neat - until they blew the horn!!!  It was LOUD!!  We stood there and watched and waved as we left the Carnival ship at the shore. We stood at the front of the boat and watched until it was time to make our way down to the dining room for dinner.  We were seated at a table for 8, only us and one other couple showed the first night. They were a nice couple (about our parents age) from Texas.  Dinner was nice, nice conversation, nice music, really good food!!


After dinner, we roamed around the ship some more - it was really starting to rock - and then we ended up back in our room, on the balcony for a  bit - Rog didn't care to be out on the balcony after dark.  We must have been tired, because we both crashed early!


Day 3!!

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