Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006 ~ Day 3

I guess this can go under Monday - like I said - Sunday night we went to sleep pretty quick, I woke up about 1 am and looked out the door (our curtains were opened about a foot) and there was this glow shining in from the dark of the gulf.  I got up and peeked out and it was the Carnival ship that we had left at the shore in Galveston!!!  It was very lit up - like a party was going on - and it was really moving!!  I woke Rog up, but he was not as impressed as I was - I don't think I got pictures of it - there were none on the digital and I haven't taken the 4 rolls in yet. 


Well, we must have been pretty tired.  I woke up at 10:30 am - woke Rog up and tld him we pretty much missed breakfast!!  The gulf waters were extremely rough and the wind was pretty bad as well.  There was a channel on the TV in the room that was all about the ship and such, we watched it quite a bit - it tracked the progress of where we had been and where we were going - that was pretty neat.  It also had the weather, boat speed and stuff going across the top.  At one point on Monday, the winds were Force 7- Gale Speed - the capt. came on and apologized for the roughness and let us know that we were riding a front that was leaving the states and once it blew over us, we would smooth out. We went to eat, and then found where there was a Bingo game.  We only bought one card, which ended up eing a good thing, because I started feeling blah again and I went back to the room and slept.  Monday night was formal night in the dining room and the Captains Dinner, which I am sure was nice, but by dinner time, the 12-15 foot swells had both of us pretty blah feeling and we skipped out on dinner completely and yes, you guessed it - went to bed early!!


The weather was bad enough on Monday that the outdoor pool was closed (it was whitecapping!) and the indoor pool was not only closed, but completely drained!  Outside Deck 5, the Promenade level was also closed.  I was not enjoying the cruise at this time and I was praying that this was just a bad day and that our entire trip wouldn't be like this - I was pretty worried about that at one point - then Leaundro told me that once we got out of the gulf and into the Caribbean Sea, it would be smooth.


So, that was our Monday - our first day at sea - I am not impressed so far!! But, I am catching up on some much needed rest!!!


Day 4!!

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