Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogger Firend School Assignemnt # 3

Blogger Friend School Assignment #3
Let's Pan for Gold

~A website that you visit everyday - Christian Homeschool Corner

~First place you look for a book to buy -  not one specific really
~Favorite Homeschool Support Area - The Gathering Room
~Homeschool site full of information that you use regularly - Classical Education 4 Me

~Site that you buy your new curriculum from - Rainbow Resources
~Site that you buy your used curriculum from - not one

~Site that offers frugal tips to save money -
~A site that provides good wholesome recipes - Hillbilly Housewife
~An informational site that shows you "how" to - I don't have one of these either

~A homeschool family website that you purchase from to support them -
~A charity website that you support - don't have one
~Favorite Graphic site to get graphics for your blog or other things - HomeSweetHome Page Graphics

~Site that offers an educational calendar listing important historical events and also to keep you informed on upcoming events. (ex: Fire Safey Week) - Brownielocks
~Site that offers Homeschool Freebies -Homeschool Estore
~Site that offers any kind of Freebies -
~A blog to read that is always full of humor -
~A blog to read that is always full of useful information -
~A blog to visit because it is eye appealing and easy to read -

~A site that you would allow your children to visit -


  1. I like the hillbilly housewife site, too. I'll have to check out your other recommendations. Thanks.


  2. Thank you for sharing your list!

    I will have to come back because my DS loves firemen and he will love looking your blog over.


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