Thursday, September 14, 2006

School ~ Day 24

Well, today was definately a 'go back to bed and start over' day for Ry.  And that is exactl what he did...went to his room, crawled in his bed and cried for a bit (we tuned him out and carried on with our day).  He then came to me and showed me what he was supposed to show me - he is still working, but close to being finished.


PHONICS ~ Lesson 19 -the letter M, 2 workbook pages and 1 page of letter formation.


FLL ~ Review Lesson 15, Work poem. Lesson 16 - review poem and review of noun and Proper nouns.  Practing writing their name.


MATH ~ Lesson 5, E & F


SCIENCE ~ Make soap.  That is still in the process - I only bought 1 mold ( I know - 2 kids -1 mold, silly me!!) We made one set - with me showing them how to do it, then Ry has almost completed his set - we are waiting on them to set and he can pop them out and then she can do her full set. (As soon as we get through her set - I will post pictures -I am loving having the camera!!)

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