Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Leah's contest

Leah  is having a contest.  Since we are now the proud borrowers of a digital camera ...I thought I would participate!!  Here it is - messy and cluttered as it may be....






Kinda messy, but there it is -- gotta have the extra large calendar.  And Rog thinks we need the Razorbacks football schedule up there as well. The two pic frames at the bottom are new - they came from Leah~Latte (my SoV for August).  Almost all of the magnets above the ice maker have one of our names on them. And of course - the WalMart layaway reciept hanging off the side there!!




  1. Fun fun fun! I love it! The football schedule is too cute. You can tell there's a guy in your home! Hahaa! I hope you don't mind me do you keep your calender up on the fridge? Anything too heavy always ends up sliding down mine and slips underneath when I least expect it. I used to have my calender on the fridge with one of those suction cup things but it just didn't work so I nailed it to the wall! =)

    Your kiddos are cute! I love their blonde hair! So glad you've got a camara!!



  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog and for your prayers for Ian.

    They are much appreciated!



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