Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday July 13, 2006

We are all so tired...I had to wake them so we could make Ry's hair cut at 9:00am.  Mr Stephen (the guy that cuts our hair) said 'Bring him in when hes asleep more often...makes my work go quicker.'  After that, we came home and did a bit of chillin...watched a movie or two, they both took a nap. After she woke she helped me finish cleaning the laundry room (part of CHCHC) and then after we had a snack, they both helped me deep clean the den (also part of CHCHC).  I am down to the office/school room --uuuugghhh - everytime I come in here, the computer chair sucks me to it.. I just can't clean in here. AND both kiddos rooms, then I am clean!!  I am hoping that my schedule will let me stay that way!! 


Mom came and picked up Samantha at 9:00pm, and she went to spend the night with Grannie and Em, our cousin Baby C was supposed to spend the night with Ry, but wasn't able to.  Ry wasn't worried though - Rog was at the station last night and so Ry got to sleep with me -- a BIG treat -- go ahead and throw tomatoes -- kids are not and have never been and with the exception of very rare occasions slept in our bed.

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