Thursday, July 13, 2006

My household notebook

Here is the basic layout out of my notebook:


(I found a purple notebook that has clear pocket fronts - be sure to make it pretty so you will want to use it!)


In the very front I have a page divider that is also a pocket.  I have things that need my immediate attention in there.  (Right now there is a paper that Rog needs to sign, the flier for the booksale at Scholastic and my coupon and pass that go with it, the letter from Rachel and the paper that I am working on for her, a note about an upcoming event at our zoo that will be my sis and nieces b-day, and the copy of the intent that I need to take and get signed -- sorry, I know that was long, but I wanted to give an idea of why I have that.


Next, in a page protector, I have a page that says Yearly Planner at the top, it has a block for each month and I have listed there all bdays and anniversary's and such for the year.


Next, I have my first section called 'Words of Encouragement', in there I have Proverbs 31 printed out, the Prarie Muffin Manifesto and other 'encouraging' things that I have come across.


My next section is called 'Schedules and Routines'. My first page there is my school year calendar with the weeks that we are on/off highlighted. Then my morning routine, my 'daily everydays' (this is where I have listed M- take trash to the curb, W- clean out car, F- pay bills -- things (not cleaning) that need to be done on a weekly basis with my days to do them), and my evening routine. After that is the kids daily routine, their kitchen duty page, their household chores page. Then I have a copy of our family rules and a copy of the Dilley Discipline Ladder Explanation (we are about to implement the discipline ladder).  Then comes the cleaning schedule..(still in the same section)... here is how I have worked out my cleaning schedule, and since school is so close to starting, it is falling right into place. Let me first start by saying that I followed Amy at Dandelion Seeds Clean Heart Clean Home Challenge (well, I followed her cleaning plan, but not her calendar - I got a jumpstart by having a kid free weekend) but, I got my house deep cleaned  (still not quite done) and then I will start following the schedule -- my school schedule is going to be 3 weeks on and 1 week off.  During our 3 weeks on, I am just going to do daily routines and cleaning, then on our 1 week off, I will hit the deep cleaning, such as vacuum, mopping, tub scrubbing -- which if I keep up the schedule of once a month, then it should stay pretty clean, right??  I also have the Emergency Quick Clean page printed off in this section.


My next section is 'Meals/Menus'. In here, I have a 2 week breakfast rotation schedule - we don't follow it very well, but it is here when I do my grocery list for some breakfast items ideas.  The monthly information from Angel Food Ministries, then I have a page that is called A Month of Meals -it has 2 columns, one for lunch and on for dinner - it is 2 pages that I can use to plan out a month in advance, which I use loosely, I usually plan a week at a time, sometimes 2.  ** I have looked for this form to share with you and I cannot find it anywhere -- I will keep looking and if I come across it again, I will post it.** I have some stuff from Meuns4Moms that I printed off, and any recipes that I want to try (at least the most recent ones).  I also have a Pantry Inventory and Freezer Inventory from Organized Home that needs to be updated.  Oh, something else that I have found that helps me out alot is this shopping list.  One note about using it -- when you first download it, go in and zero out all their predetermined prices, that way when you start putting your prices in, you will now that it is real...this has been a big help for times that money was tight, I knew what I was going to spend before I ever went in the door!!


My next section is called 'Mail orders' which I use to put papers from orders or other stuff that I am expecting in the mail. I just pulled my curriculum orders out of there, still have a few things that I am waiting on and I can go here and know!!


After that is 'Computer Group'. Since I am a manager at Christian Homeschool Corner, I have all my info that goes along with my group in there. - This section needs some serious work, but it is there....


The only other section I have is called 'Master Copies' so nothing is lost.


I will make another post showing my cleaning schedule with my routines and weekly deep clean.


I really like Keeping the Homes blog - she has shared her notebook and has links tro other notebooks that you can look at to put your own together.

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  1. Sounds like your very organized at your house. Do the kids work well with that? What kind of chores do they do?


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