Sunday, July 16, 2006

A sad day for Arkansas


Our Lt. Govenor passed away Sunday morning.  He was in the running for Governor for the next coming election and in April of last year, he announced he was dropping out of the race due to some health issues. He had a rare blood disorder that could eventually lead to Lukemia.  He went to Virigina (I believe) and had a transplant in October of last year, then another in April of this year.  Not much more had been on the news about him, until July 8th.  They said he had returned home to Arkansas and was not in very good condition, and he ended up passing on Sunday, just a week after his return to his home state.


I was pretty upset about the news, and close to tears all day Sunday, when I was younger, I worked at Easter Seals in the preschool department, and one of the most precious boys we had in our class was his son.  He was a great man. As most of you may recognize the name, he was very wealthy, but never once did I ever feel that he (or the rest of his family) ever felt like they were better than anyone.  Rog and I did many things with Easter Seals, as did the Rockefeller's, and he was always friendly and he knew everyone!


Please say a prayer for the Rockefeller family.  His wife Lisanne, the 2 of his sons, Colin and John Alexander, that I cared for when they were younger; and his other 6 children.



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