Sunday, July 2, 2006

Our Weekend

Well, the kiddos went to Grammas Friday night - they usually spend at least one night a weekend with them, and we are usually over there at least once, usually for a meal - and Rog had to work Saturday, so guess what I did!!  I got a huge jumpstart on Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge.  I kinda feel like I cheated a bit, but I just couldn't pass up the free, quiet and alone time.  I got the inside of my car completely cleaned out, I still need to wash it, but the kiddos wanna help; I got the front porch and carport cleaned out and swept; I also cleaned the hall, both bathrooms, the kitchen and dining room.  I followed Amy's schedule/calendar/list, just alot in one day!!  I cleaned out closets, pantrys, drawers, medicine cabinets, you name it, washed curtain, rugs and blinds.  I feel like I got ALOT accomplished on Saturday (now if I can just find somewhere to send my kids for another couple of days - I can finish the house!!! LOL!!)

Sunday morning, you can just imagine how sore I felt (we are not even discussing the fact that we are supposed to have bad weather this week and I am also achy from that!) but we all got up and around (missed church) and went to mom's for a family get together, we stayed there for a good part of the day and had lunch and snacked and visited with family (I have several great aunts and uncles and they were all able to be there).  After that, we all left mom's (including mom and dad) and went to MIL's house to shoot off fireworks in their field.  This kiddos (meaning Rog and BIL,a s well as all 5 of the little ones) had fun!!

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