Monday, July 3, 2006


Rog had to work today at his part time job, so I ran a few errands, and then we hung out at the house til he got home.  We ate dinner and then he and the kiddos went out back. Ry to practice shooting hoops (his new found interest - all the way down to sleevless tank tops!) and Sis to collect locust (cicadia) shells. She has quite a collection of them, and she is very particular, she doesn't want any that have been squished.  She started out saying that she didn't want any that wer cracked, then after Rog explained to her why they were cracked and that they all were that way, she decided that cracks are ok as long as they are not squished.

Once it started getting dark, we went out front to shoot off some fireworks. Some older friends of ours (that love the kiddos, and have none of their own) came over and brought some more fireworks for the kiddos.  I know - we were a day early, but Rog works on the 4th at the station, so....

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