Tuesday, July 4, 2006

July 4th -- Happy Independence Day!!!

WOW!! What a fun day we had...well, maybe I should just say what a fun evening we had!! Rog had to work at the station, so the kiddos and I hungout at the house for the most of the day -- waiting for it to rain -- never did, but they called for it all day!  Mom and dad came and got us about 5ish, and we went and ate - the ever so popular resturant of choice when you are 6 -McDonalds.  After dinner we went to the local firework display. Of course, the close parking lot was full, so we had to park and shuttle.  We got to the grounds and roamed around a bit - lots of things for kiddos set up outside and a 'politcal rally' inside.  When we came back out - remember that rain I was telling you about, well add that to the fact that we were shuttled in from another lot and it equals YIKES!!!  Not really though -- it was just a bit of sprinkling. We found us a nice spot on the ground and spread the quilt out and got comfy!!  I have a small bag of goodies that they only get to get their grubby paws on at times like these, so I pulled the bag out and they played very nicely for the 45 minutes before the fireworks. The firework show was awesome -- they both sat wide-eyed and jaw-dropped to watch the display.  The neat thing was, it lasted for an entire 30 minutes!!  The kiddos loved it and they came home and crashed to the noise of the neighborhood explosions.

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