Saturday, July 1, 2006

Friday - started normal...

Ended in the ER.  Yep, it's offical!!  I have been initated in to the 'Mom of Boys' club!!!  The kiddos were all outside playing and Ry came in with his hand under his chin holding a small pool of blood.  I ran to the bathroom and grabbed some tissues - this wasn't the first time someone had come in bleeding, so I am used to that.  My MIL was over and she took him and started cleaning him up, and told better go get some clothes on...I was dressed, just in my 'we're hanging out at the house shirt and short (braless)' so, I run go get dressed, grabbed my DL, insurance card and checkbook, while MIL cleaned Ry up and got some ice and got the other kiddos in.  She got Sis and Ry in the car and we were off to the local ER.  Rog met us there, so did BIL - which was nice because Rog and I were both able to be with Ry.

He had fallen out in the back by Rog's trailer and busted his chin.  It was a pretty good sized gap, and it required 3 stitches.  That is how you can tell how good it is... he actually got stitches, not glue or sterie strips, but actual stitches.  He was quite the trooper.  The doc wrapped him up a bit and he wanted me beside him, so I held onto his shoulder and put my hands over his hands (that were under the blanket) and Rog had to hold his legs down.  He was doing ok, then he saw the needle. The doc told him it would only sting for a bit, and he was fine with it all, then he saw the needle. I think he was having flashbacks from last summer when he got his K shots - all 4 of them- so he was a bit worried, but once the numbing agent kicked in, he was fine.  He didn't want a band-aid, cuz then he wouldn't be able to show it off.  When we got in the car, he wanted to go show Grannie, so we went there. Then to MIL's for dinner (again - gotta revamp my menu for next week, I need to use what we have for this past week).  Both kiddos stayed at MIL's last night. When we left, Ry's chin looked ok, the bit of swelling had gone down and it was starting to bruise.

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