Thursday, June 29, 2006


Mom called me this morning and she had my neice (Em) for the day -- her dad was supposed to pick her up from mom's house and take her to Karate tonight, but I guess he had better things to do, so he told Chelle, my sis that he would just get her from Karate.  So, anyway, they called us and we all decided to go to Splash Zone.  It is formerly the Jacksonville pool that they tore down and remodeled.  There is a kiddie pool, that wades into 2 feet deep and it has a play structure in it that has various hoses and sprinklers and waterfalls.  There are also mushrooms and umbrella type things that have water coming off of them and some jumping fountains.  My kiddos love that area.  There is a big pool, that has a diving board, and a shaded corner that has jacuzzi jets and then there are 2 huge slides.  Rog called me as we were headed out and he was on his way home, so he joined us for the afternoon.  Pretty fun place and it only cost $4.00 each for us to get in. 

We ended up eating at MIL's house, because after we left the pool, Rog took his trailer over there so he and BIL could hook new lights up to it.  He has joined a new deer camp, and he and some buddies are going down the middle of July to check it out, so he has been working on his 4wheeler and trailer.

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