Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our day in Hot Springs

Rog and the guy he installs carpet with took the day off so we could all go to Magic Springs. Well. we drove (about 1 1/2 hour trip) down and when we got there, we realized that it was going to cost the four of us $140.00 just to get in the door!!!  We changed our minds pretty quick and decided to find other thing to do in Hot Springs.  It wasn't hard to do either.  We went to a place called Tiny Town. Pretty neat!! He said his Grandpa started it 78 years ago under the Christmas tree and just never put it up.  It moved to the basement as a train set and just went from there. He had all kinds of 'scenes' in there, with lots of minatures.  The kiddos like that!!  We spent quite a bit of time in there looking and puching buttons and making trains roll. He gave both of the kiddos a post card as we were leaving.

From there, we went down the road to the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo.  That was neat!!  I know we went when me and my sis were younger, but it has been a long time.  We started off in the petting zoo..there were some of the cuties baby goats -- they were so tiny and so sweet --usually when you go into a petting zoo with food, the goats are so agressive, but these guys weren't. In the petting zoo, were also some deer, they were younger - small deer, 5 all in total, and 2 of them had their velvet pretty and funny.. one of them wanted Ry's shirt - he wasn't interested in the bread, but the shirt was mighty tasty. There were several different areas of gators. They were seperated by age, from ones that were born in April all the way to the 'teens'.  Also at the farm were Cougars (they were funny, one was licking the others foot and she didn't care for it and was kinda doing this growl type noise, but it wasn't mean sounding - just kinda irritated); a baby coon (she was funny also - she was very playful, we watched her for a while -- her favorite thing to do was throw a rock into the little pool that was in there in then go in after it.  She also played with some leaves that were in the water to); some ducks; some turkey's; a couple of silky chickens (those are pretty) and a something TimberWolf, who was beautiful!!  Not sure how old she was, but she appeared to be quite young, she wasn't very playful but she was pretty and she knew it and she acted like it!

From there we bought Duck tickets but still had a while before our tour left, so we grabbed some lunch.  Our Duck tickets came with a discount to the Wax Muesum, so after our Duck ride we were dropped off there and went through it. The kiddos loved the Duck ride and the thought the Wax Muesum was pretty cool as well.  We were worried about taking them thru the muesum, thinking they wouldn't really understand --since they didn't know any of the people in there, but they suprised us and were full of questions about who everyone was and listened to what we told them about each of the people and even asked more questions about some.

When we came out of there, we told them we had a little bit of time and a little bit of money left and we gave them the choice of the National Park Aquarium  or the Hot Springs Mountain Tower . To my suprise -- they both chose the tower.  It was pretty neat, we rode to the top in the glass elevator and spent s few minutes on the very top floor (it was open and very windy up there) and then we went down a floor to the enclosed level that has all the information in it.  When we got ready to go, they all decided that theywould take the stairs down.  I almost went to weenie way and went the elevator, but I sucked it up and went down the stairs -- all 268 of them - yes, Rog and the kiddos counted them!!  My legs were very wobbly when we got to the bottom.  I made it to the van no prob, but when we go to MIL's for dinner, I almost couldn't get out of the van. 

All in all, we had a great day -- even though it wasn't what we had planned!

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