Friday, July 7, 2006

Friday July 7, 2006

We went to the library story time this morning at library S. Riddles Elephant Farm was there doing the program, and my sis is obsessed with elephants, so she wanted to go and needed to borrow kiddos (since Em is at her dad's) so mine were the lucky ones!! 


After that, we just came home and hung out - -made some PB&J's and played in the yard.  After a while, I came in to do some cleaning while they stayed out and played.  Sis came running in and said 'Momma come watch this' so, not know what she was up to, I went out there.  She got on Ry's small bike - without training wheels- and took off across the yard!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!  We have been waiting for this since Ry did it a few weeks ago!!  Training wheelless bikes are soo freeing!!!  Once the temps drop back down below triple digits, we will be able to ride as a family!!!

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