Saturday, July 8, 2006

Saturday -- the boys are gone --

Yep, Rog joined a new Hunting Club/Deer Camp last month, so him, Ry and some friends went down to check things out -- the friend was wanting to check out the club as he was thinking about joining also. So that left me and Sis alone to do gily things - you know what she wanted to do?? Spend the day at Gramma's!!  She saw the chance of an oppurtunity to have a Ry-free day with Gramma, so she spent the day - and night - at Grammas!!  I have to add-- it wasn't completely Ry-free, after the guys got home, Rog took the big trailer back to their house and he ended up staying there!! 


So, I had a free day!!!  I went to Mardel's and spent about an hour roaming around in there -- we have a new, just opened Mardel and it has a HUGE education section.  After there, I went to Target -- I have to say!!!  I HATE Target!!  I have never liked it and I guess I never will... I thought I would give it a try, but nope -- just don't like it!! Guess I will always be a WalMart girl!!   I also roamed around in Office Depot for a bit, then met my sis at Firehouse Subs and we had lunch then went to Books A Million and just hung out and had fun til she had to go back to work.  After that I went and got some groceries and came home and read for the rest of the evening -- til the boys got home anyways!!



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