Wednesday, June 7, 2006

School year routine

This is what I am working towards for this next school year.  I like the idea of a schedule, but I really don't want to be tied down to the times, so I guess I am looking at more of a routine? Is that right?  Maybe some kind of block scheduling?? Please share what seems to work for you!

Here is my 'blocks' for the day:

BEFORE 9:00AM - Wake up, computer time, quiet time, school work ready for the day, shower, get kids up, everyone morning routine (that is here -  breakfast & devotion, get kitchen cleaned up, morning chores (A&B days -also on that link) hair/teeth brushed, face washed, vitamins/meds, get dressed.

9:00AM--12:00NOON - School work - Bible, Phonics, Math, (break - potty, drink, stretch-mom switch laundry)Science/History, extras(Home Ec, Art, Music) Read-alouds til noon.

12:00NOON-3:00PM - Clean up school room, get ready for lunch, lunch/character study, afternoon routine and chores, reading, quiet time.

After that, the kiddos are free to do what they want, as well, as I am free to do what I want, until about 5:00 - time to start dinner!

That may work...I have the summer to get the first part of the routine down!!  I am not a morning person, and LOVE to sleep in!!

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