Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Bridging up to Brownies!

Today was a busy day for us! It started off with me having to wake Sis up (that is never good!! -- if we have nowhere to go -- I just let her sleep -makes the day much nicer!!) Riley had to get his hair cut - we were starting to loose him -lol!! Then, from there I had to go to the dentist, the kiddos stayed with my mom. I had to get 4 fillings on one side- ugh!!  My mouth has hurt all day!! I let the dentist and took the van to get the oil changed, ran by WalMarket and picked up a few things.  Once I got the kids and we finally got home, I started the rest of dinner prep, we ate and then left for Daisy Scouts.

Sis' Daisy Scouts last night was a bridging up ceremony.  She is no longer a Daisy Scout, but now a Brownie!! She is sooo excited!! She never wanted to be a Daisy -mainly because they are not really that well know - she wanted to be a Brownie! So, now after a year, she is finally a Brownie. AND I get to be a Grown-Up Girl Scout!! Our leader was being wishy-washy about staying on as a leader, and I told her that I didn't want to be in complete lead of a troop, but I would help her Co-lead. Last night she gave me the application and told me that there had to be 2 registered members leading a troop, so she asked me to go ahead and register so there would be two of us!  Anyone a Brownie leader?? got any tips and secrets you wanna share??

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