Monday, June 5, 2006

Busy Monday

Today ended up being a good day.  We got up this morning and got ready to go, ran by and picked up Grannie.  From there, we went to the FreeMovies to see Wallace and Groomit and the Curse of the WereRabbit.  One of those movies that was made for kids, but made so an adult could sit thru it.  Mom and I laughed quite a bit and of course the kiddos loved it.  The only bad thing was the 2 ladies that were behind us with their 9+ kids.  They had a baby (18 months) that fussed the entire time, but everytime you saw it (yes, I was looking back, but they were doing alot of moving around) another one of the kids was holding him/her - poor baby probably wanted his mommy! They also had a toddler-about 3 - TomTom - who would leave the theater whenever he chose - they spent much of the movie searching for TomTom -- in my ear.  When they finally caught him, the mom that was behind me decided to hold him - against his will, so the last half of the movie, he kicked my seat and screamed.  Makes me glad I have always been a mean mom and made my kids mind. Not that they are perfect, because just today, while we were dropping Grannie off, Sissy started her fit, and it lasted about an hour.  I just ignore her and talk to Riley while she does it - I have no idea how to deal with her when she does this.  After she finally calmed down, we noticed that one of the hamsters was out, so she went on a mission to find him, thankfully, it was a sucessful mission. Got the hammies put away, fed and watered, then spent some time with the ferrets -- the kiddos play with them while I clean out their cage - ugh-- anyome want a couple of ferrets???

We had a bit of down time -- the kiddos watched a movie, then Rog got home much earlier than he thought he would be, so we worked a bit more on our camping stuff-trying to get everything straightened out and packed, and making sure we have everything!! We are about ready to go - I got the spaghetti sauce made and the chicken marinading and both of those in the freezer, I plan on spending Wednesday packing the kiddos clothes. After I get all the laundry done up on Friday, I will get Rog and I packed - we leave Monday!!

Since Rog was home last night at a decent time, he was able to go to the Fire Department meeting and he took the kiddos!!!  They had fun with dad, learning about ladders. While they were gone, I worked some more on planning for next year. I think I know how I want next year to flow, so that will be an entry soon!!!

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