Monday, June 5, 2006

Ever tried to make a price book?

Well, I have and I wasn't very successful -- maybe because I wasn't to  impressed with the whole idea - even though it makes sense and would be a helpful tool.  I did find something that I think I will like and it is along the same lines as the price book.
This is a program that you download and then add your prices in as you get reciepts. From there, you can make a shopping list and print it with your grocery total on it!!  I found the link to this at While I think the program is a pretty good one and I think I will continue using it, I do have one bit of advice -- go thru it when you first open it and change all the prices to 0.00. If not, then when you get about 3 weeks into it, you won't remember which prices are your true prices and which are the fakes that were there to begin with!!
As for the Menus4moms,  I have been on the mailing list  a couple of weeks, and I think I like it as well. Here's how it works - on Thursdays you get a 5 day menu for the following week -set for Mon-Fri, leaving days for leftovers/eating out or what have ya.  The menu includes recipes and a grocery list (that you can easily plug into your new grocery list program!!).  It comes to your email, you can print it off, and it's ready to go -- all the work is done for you.  This also helps you to start with freezer cooking, as there are days that you cook in bulk and store things like ground beef and such. My only downfall with this is the menu comes on Thursday the week before, and my shopping/errand day is Wednesday so I am a week behind her menus, but that is ok too.
I have tried freezer cooking, with a friend, we cooked enough for each of us to have just over 2 weeks each in our freezer.  It was nice, but it was extremely exhausting for me. It took us literally ALL DAY!! (We did have fun and enjoyed the chatting!!) I have found a way that I am able to freezer cook with out completely wearing myself out.  As I said earlier, my errand/shopping day is Wednesday, so I get up on Thursday morning and pre-prepare all that I can for the week. At this time I also cook up some waffles, pancakes, muffins and any baked goodies I plan to cook for the week.  It all goes in the freezer, we use it as we need it.  With Rog's schedule, the kids and I eat light on days he is at the station.  If other things come up, then the dish for dinner is already prepared and frozen, so it will be ther in a couple of weeks.  I figure our schedule is so scattered, that if I do this for a month, I should have a good weeks worth of build up.  Not to mention the dinner prep time I save each day. 

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