Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Anyone have Floam? We do - because my aunt thought the kiddos would love it, so she bought us some.  And she was right.  They have loved it. They have played with it more than anything else I can remember them playing with.  We got the standard 4 colors and they have seen better days...I am not sure exactly how to revive them. Any suggestions?? Since they are on their last leg, we decided to have some fun with it and we started mixing - it was hard work.  They worked on it for a bit, but gave up.  The way they left them...and red and blue twist, and red and yellow blob (they hadn't started mixing it yet) and a pile that is starting to show green. They put them back up, but have told me that they will work on it another day so they can see what pretty colors it makes.


That was a big part of our Wednesday.  We also went to one of the local libraries (our normal/regular library) for story time and then out for a treat - their choice - McDonalds (wasn't really a treat for me...well, ok I love thier fries!!)

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