Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can I just say.....

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!




I got the newest Rainbow Resources catalog in the mail today!!!!  The first thing I did was pull out our local phone book.  Now, I am in AR, and we are not that big, I am sure for some of you, your city book is bigger than all of the state of AR, but a catalog that was as big as a phone book?!?!?!  I haven't started in it yet.... I am scared to open it.  It is definately gonna take a brand new highlighter!!! 


If you haven't recieved yours in the warned!!!


It is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!


  1. DS got the mail for me yesterday. He came in and sent his sis out to get the rest b/c he brought the catalog in! I am suprised it fit in my mailbox! LOL At first, I could not figure out what it was and then I thought "It cant be the new R.R. catalog!" and lo and behold it is! Now I was wanting mine so I could take a look at it but now I am downright afraid to open it! LOL

    ~ Rachel

  2. I've been getting that catalog for a few years now. The detailed reviews of materials are invaluable! Terrific thing about RR is not only do they have such a helpful catalog but their prices are usually hard to beat. God bless them and their efforts!

    You'll probably enjoy that book all year long! Blessings!

  3. I got mine yesterday. Your right, a new highlighter it will take! I love this catalog and what's more, they are by me so when they have a scratch and dent sale, boy do I load up. Great prices made better by a little dent that I can't seem to find.

  4. Every time I come in to visit, you have something new and exciting going on! Your blog looks great and I love the music! Maybe one of these days, I'll figure out how to make my blog fancy. (Probably not, lol.) Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the RR catalog. It is awesome!



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