Friday, June 23, 2006

The boxes are coming.....the boxes are coming.....

We left the house yesterday and went to my mom's to visit with her cousin who lives out of town, we only see them once a year and he made a suprise visit to Arkansas, so we dropped what we were doing and went to visit.  When we got home there was a box on the steps.  The kids were almost as excited as I was...we opened the box and it was MathUSee!!!   We opened it, and the CD was on top, so we immediately put it in and listened to it while we dug in the box.  We found the Completer Set of the blocks and the kiddos grabbed them and went and found our Starter Set and put them all together in a Sterlite box.  They all fit in a small box if you work them, so we will be finding a big box that we can put them all in to keep them together. Next, the teacher's manual and DVD, then  only one student kit.  I called and Mr. McDonald was very apologetic and told me that he would get it in the mail ASAP. Thanks!!


Today, the bell rang and we went to the door to find another box!! Alphabet Island - our phonics program!! Sis was here with me, Ry was with his dad getting tires for the trailer, so Sis and I opened the box and started pulling stuff out.  She was over excited, she asked if she could get her pencil out and get started.  I managed to convince her to help me cut some flash cards that go with it.  I put together the Teacher's Manual ( I got the complete set, so the manual came packaged in each year) I am going to sit down after dinner and start reading it. Once I figure out what we need to do, I will put it in my Penciled Plans book for this next year.  It looks a bit complicated, which kinda scares me..., so we'll see.....I will check back after I read the teacher's manual!


  1. HeidiHomeschoolsJune 24, 2006 at 2:41 PM

    The UPS man and the FedEx man are two of my favorite guys in the whole wide world! Gotta love when they knock on the door with a box for you~ it's so exciting! I'm glad you're enjoying all your new curriculum.


  2. You know how I love those boxes! I was also very excited with our Math U See. I bought the entire curriculum (up to Algebra) both the Starter and Completer Sets, and the songs cd. I didn't get the wooden storage box this time though, but I'll find something that works. Let me know how Alphabet Island works for you..I might be interested in that for Sam!



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