Monday, April 17, 2006

Our Easter Weekend

We had a rather busy, but relaxing at the same time, weekend!!  We spent Saturday at Roger's parents. His mom does Easter Baskets for all of us!! And then the kiddos and Rog and his brother spent the rest of the afternoon hiding eggs from each other. We had a nice dinner there and a great all day visit!
Sunday, we got up and went to church, (as you said Joy ~ with everyone!!!  one of the ladies in front of me said ~ I wonder if all these people know that our doors are open every Sunday!  not very nice, but it was pretty funny!!!  After church, we came home and laid around for a bit then went out to my grandpas house....the entire family (except one of my cousins who lives out of state) was grandpa, his 3 kids, all of their kids (us!) and all of our was a crowd of people, but it was nice, we weren't even all together at Christmas or Thanksgiving this past year.  We ate late lunch/early dinner, then we hid almost 200 eggs for the kids (there were 8 little ones) and they found them all!!!  We played frisbee and flew kites and just hung was pretty nice!!  When we got home, it was still light out, so Rog put my clotheline pole in the ground...he is off on Tuesday, so he is going to finish it then!

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