Monday, April 17, 2006

Nature Notebooks??

My kiddos have a spiral art pad, that I have them use through out the year, and they are not allowed to tear the pages out. At the end of the year, it gets packed with all of their school stuff for the year, just as a sample of their art. 

Well, yestreday evening, we turned it into a nature notebook -- I have been kinda working toward this with them, and truth be known... it needs to be bigger for that purpose.  We took our notebooks outside and found the blossom on our pear tree and they drew it and we are going to watch it and draw it as it turns into a least until the squirrels steal we also found my rose bush that is full of blooms and they drew one of the buds off of it, and we plan to watch it daily and record its progress.  Along with the 15 some odd caterpillars that Sis found yesterday out at grandpas house....we are going to see it they do anything (but die - which it what I think will happen).

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