Sunday, April 16, 2006

How the oven got to the house

Ok, this post has been in the making for a while....due to the trouble we went through to get a new oven!!!

We have a gas cooktop that was here in the house when we bought it 2 years ago.  It is a piece of junk, but...have you priced cooktops lately?? We have dealt with it because of the cost.  It was unplugged and you had to use a lighter each time you turned the gas on.  The reason it stayed unplugged - the eletric ignitor was going out and it would randomly tick throughout the day - very annoying!!

Well, then the gas wall oven (that we got used from my dad because the one that was here in the house didn't work at all) started making a shrill beep at 3 am no less -it was working fine til now- so we had to unplug it as well....the electric pad had gone out on it, so if we wanted to cook, we plugged it in and turned it on...major pain!!! but it worked for now. 

Rog got a decent paycheck last week, so he decidied we would 'just go look'.  I was fine with the plugging and was cheaper than a whole new stove!!!  Well, we go to Sears and find a new gas oven that fits on sale for $329 - lots cheaper than we were planning on spending - it was a floor model, but we decided to go ahead and get it. Right next to it was a new cooktop - a model that was being discontinued - for $199, so we got both -- it was cheaper than what we were going to spend on just the oven.

We get them both home and get the cook top in and all is well. Not so with the oven!!  It was late Friday evening, Rog had to work Saturday and so we called repair and they said it would be next Thursday before someone could be out....I took the appointment...what else could I do??  Well, when Rog got home Sunday morning, he was a bit unhappy about the situation.  He called Sears and told them he wanted it fixed TODAY!!  They said not happening, he was most mad because it was brand new.  So, him and his dad loaded it up and took it back.  Leaving me with out a stove and a hole in my wall...ugh!!! He calls me later and tells me that they had to go to Home Depot and order one and it will be Thursday before it comes in.  That is all fine and good EXCEPT... I am having company here on Wednesday they come home and put the old oven back in the wall so my kitchen won't look like trash for my company. 

So, Monday night I get home and there is a message from HD saying that there was a glich in the ordering, and that it would be at least Friday before the oven is ready for pickup!!! UGH!!!!!!! Well, I go all week without an oven (even sending a pan of brownies to my mil's for her to bake for my company!!!

Well ,Thursday afternoon, HD calls and my oven is in!!!!  Rog is off work, so he goes and picks it up and him and his dad get it installed Thursday evening!!!!

Who would have thought that purchasing an oven would be such a complicated issue????


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