Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday ~ childless day #4 and issues with Meme

Well, Rog had to go back to work today.   We have had such a good time so far this week.  Don't get me wrong --  I am missing my kiddos something fierce, BUT  I have talked to them and mil daily and I know they are having a blast!!  Not to mention, Rog and I have had that down time for connection between us has been good - in more ways than one!! 

I had a few errands to do in in Jacksonville, so I went today-- in the nasty,cold rain and took care of a few of those.  During my running, my aunt called to see if I had talked with the kids and asked how they were doing and all.  That is when I found out about my Meme.  She had been diagnoised with dementia a couple of years ago, and has gotten progressively worse - which is to be expected.

Well, turns out she called my mom at 11:30 pm last night and told her that something needed to be done about all the people in her front yard, that my Pepaw had them there watching her because he thinks she is crazy.  Mom convinced her to stay inside, even though she was opening the door and shooing people away. She told mom that my Pepaw had gone on a date with the girl across the street and they had gone dancing and left her at home. Mom finally got her calm and off the phone.  We guess she went to bed.

The next day my Pepaw tells us his version of what happened - she was shining a flashlight all around the house and she went to his bed at one point and shined it in his face and asked what in the world was he doing.  (We have been trying to tell him not to argue with her, just agree, tell her you will fix it whatever to ease her 'fear' that she is feeling) so, he takes our advice and tells her he is sleeping (this was at 3 in the morning!)  Well, he goes to visit my aunt at her business every morning and when he got up and aroung the next morning, he checked on Meme, who was asleep holding the flashlight still, and went to leave --only to find out she had hid both sets of keys to both vehicles! (She later told my aunt it was so they couldn't go out dancing and leave her home alone -- which while none of which is true, it was the same story form the night before that she told mom).

My Pepaw told my aunt that he couldn't take it anymore, that something needed to be done.  Sad thing is my Pepaw and my aunt think there is some med that she can be put on and she will get better.  Pepaw's niece(by marriage) has Bi-polar, and they put her in lock down, gave her some meds and she is ok -for now- and he thinks they can do that with Meme.  He doesn't understand that it is a different diease and they can't be treated the same.

Stay tuned -- I am sure there is more to come with her.

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