Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday ~ childless day #5

I had a doctor appointment with my Rheumetologist this morning, which caused me to miss out on visiting an assisted living facility with my mom, aunt and sister to see about this living arrangement for my Meme.

Ok, first the doc appt. -- Things are going well with this doctor.  I am thinking that I like him.. He seems to care about the patient, which I am not sure my last doc had mastered that yet.  Dr. C took me off of my Prednisone completely which is a big step for me.  I am struggling a little with it, but I will make it....I am giving the weather a chance to go thru a cycle or two before I whine about my breathing.  He is still researching Vanishing Lung Syndrome. I had a few questions about it...not a deep concern, but I did ask if VLS was something that I would die from b/c my lungs 'vanish' or was it something that happened at a slow enough progress that I would die or a heart attack at 95 before my lungs completely vanished.  He told me that I would not die from VLS while I was on his watch, which was reassuring, that we would take any medical actions necessary -- even if it meant putting me back on high dose Predinsone and causing weight gain and osteosporosis.  He told me if I needed to come in between now and the next appt, just to call -which Dr. K never offered!  And he put some space before my next appt.  not seeing him again until the end of May (hopefully!)

Now - Meme -- Mom, Chelle and Aunt J all went to an assisted living facility and took a tour.  It wsa not a nursing home, more like an elderly apartment complex with aides there 24/7.  The facility had much to offer and they were real impressed with it, it was just how to present it to Pepaw.  He has money - he always has had money - he just won't spend it -- he is putting it away for when they are old.  THEY ARE 83 YEARS OLD!!!!! (and Meme has medical conditions to boot!!!)  Tiime to loosen up and let go of some of it to take care of her.  He says he can't handle her anymore, so we call his bluff (at least that is the way it appears) and check out a few options and he decides that he can't afford that and maybe he can deal with it a little bit longer after all.  We all step back and let him make that decision, but I don't think he can handle many more incidents like the one Tuesday night.(see previous post).  So we are sitting and waiting for her next move and I guess his next move as well.

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