Friday, March 24, 2006

One more day!

Yep -- my kiddos will be home tomorrow!!!  I have still chatted with them daily, and they are still having a BLAST!!!  I spent the last 2 days running errands, and today, I did a bit of shopping -- well, mostly looking, but I did buy one thing.  I purchased Kingfisher's World History Encyclopedia, at least I think that is the correct name for it.  I am slowly working on our next years studies - I have started so early, because I like to know what I want to look at (and possibly buy) at convention time the end of May!! I have read The Well Trained Mind, and I have start Teaching The Trivium, and while I like the appraoch, I find myself doubting my abilities.  Am I realy smart enough to teach in that style??  But it is so appealing and just, I don't know -- makes sense? does that sound right?  Maybe this next week, I will be able to lay out in front of me (and you if your are lucky) our plans for Fall 2006 - the 1st grade year!!!  I am almost there -- at least an idea -- hands on at convention may possibly sway me a different direction, but not likely.

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