Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Monday ~ Childless Day #2

Well, Rog got off from his part time job early, and he took off from his full time job tomorrow, so loaded up and went to Tunica.  He has been playing Texas Hold'em poker on line and wanted to give it a try.  We ended up having a nice time and coming home with twice as much as we went with..... not because of the poker game mind you....while he was playing poker, I couldn't go watch, so I played on the quarter slot machine and hit over $100 on it.  I was smart and I quit.  After he came out of the poker room, we were tired and he wanted to save a bit so he could come play again before we left the next morning.  We have a few more $$ each, so we stopped at the dollar slots -- something I wouldn't even think about playing, but he suggested it.  Well, I hit $240 on the dollar machine, so we stooped for the night and hung out at the hotel room for the rest of the evening.  The next morning he bombed at poker again and we were ready to leave..playing the 50 cent slots, and he hit $500 on his last 50 cents!!!  We cashed that in and left ---- didn't look back!!!  It was a nice relaxing time for us.

We heard from the kiddos...they loved the plane ride and they are having a blast so far.....they are gonna be tired when they get home!!!!

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