Sunday, February 12, 2006

We got a new vehicle!!

See, the thing is ... Rog has been looking...(I did mention that I liked the stowNgo in the Town and Country's, but wasn't quite ready for one yet) .. and pricing and on the internet to see what we could get for the CRV and what were some options on other vans and what not -- me....I haven't really been interested....I am not a look for a new car type person.

So Saturday he talked me into just looking at the different vans, so he could get a better idea of what I was wanting, or more so what I liked.  We spent the day roaming from car lot to car lot -- only encountered 1 rude salesman-- and finally agreed on something that we both liked, down to extras. 

Later that night we had a date -- for Christmas, he got The 12 Dates of Christmas as his gift, so of them was that night -- we went to Murray's Dinner Playhouse to see The Weekend Comedy..which was really cute!

On the way to the playhouse, we ran by the Dodge dealership that was close to it. Just to look!!!  We drove away in a brand new van!!!!  We had been looking all day at all different types of vans, and we had agreed that WHEN we did make a new vehicle purchase, that would be the one... we knew the prices were anywhere from $26,000 and up.  We pulled up in the lot by the one color I liked (sticker price $27,900), and a saleman came out and chatted with Rog for a while then went back in....he returned to tell us that we could get the van for about $22,000 -- Rog told me to get out of the car -- we were going to deal!!  He also told the guy we were a little pressed for time--which sped things up tremndously!! We ended up signing papers on a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan for $19,900!!!  almost $10,000 off sticker price!!!  One of those deals that you just can't pass up!!!

This is pretty close to the color!!


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