Sunday, February 5, 2006


Ok, as a last minute plan, my sister and I went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Took us four hours to get there.. we drove up at night, it was quite spooky.  You take almost the same route that you use to get to Branson, which we go there about 3 times a year, but I have never been on that path in the dark....just kinda a creepy feeling.

Nothing major happened, Eureka is a big tourist trap in the summer, but pretty much shuts up in the winter.  We hung out at the hotel, which was super nice by the way, and watched movies....she got a massage, I took a nap.  We shopped a bit, and found a few bargins!!  Best thing was that me and my sis got to spend a  weekend together, just laughing, giggling and being girls, with out worrying about being mommies or wives or anything else!!!  All in all it was a great weekend.

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