Thursday, February 2, 2006

I did it!!!!!!

Well, almost.....the school room/office is almost clean!!! There is a small (yeah, right!) pile of papers that I need to get where they belong, but they do all havea  place....they are just not there....

I HATE to file, so I have changed my 'system' up a bit -- I don't file with folders anymore. I have a shelf that has several 3 ring binders on it, that are all different areas..we have one for the Vehicles - it includes the four wheeler, and has any and all information that pertains to the vehciles in it -registration, insurance info, payment stuff, and even the property tax info.  One for House -- it has all the mortgage info in it, as well as homeowners insurance and any kind of 'care' for the house.. pest control, different paint colors from the samples.  One is for Monthlies - all of our utilities, phones, and even the credit cards that will hopefully no longer be an issue -- after this year!  There is one for Banks - checking, our 2 savings, and both of the kids savings.  Of course they are organized and I can go right where I need to be.  With my monthlies, I file it after I pay the bill, then I flip to the front and take out the same month from a year ago and shredd it.  Now...does this system work???  I don't know.. I have only recently started it, and there is one minor drawback-- I have to ring punch everything... but.. it looks so much neater, and it really is easier to keep up with. 

I was up til 3 am.. I'll be back in a bit to tell you all what I did.....

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