Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Time for a change...

Ok, I had an appointment with a new Rhuemetologist on January 24th.  My first reason for the switch was because of the switch of our insurance, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it was time for a change.  I think I was at a stand still with Dr. K...he wasn't helping me anymore...he was mainly worried about my weight, which I am as well, but...he would just come in and need to be working on getting some of that weight off...see ya in three months.  I have had several things goingon that I have treid to tell him about, but he apparently was too busy otherwise. 

I was a little nervous about the appointment with the new doc..Dr C... mainly cuz I don't care for the newness of meeting people....but I was very comfortable with him, he seems really laid back and caring.. he asked several questions regarding my lupus, that I didn't even know was lupus related, and told me we would work on all the things that were concerning me...  I found out that along with Vanishing Lung Syndrome, I also have raynauds phenomenon as well as sjogrens_syndrome . I have had problems with all of this before, but never had a name for them, now with Dr.C's willingness to help, I know what I am dealing with. 

He drew lots of blood and did several other tests..told me we could stay on my every three months routine, as soon as he got me where he thought I needed to be.  So I go back the end of February and hopefully then he will have some idea of what he thinks we should do. He said his first goal was to get me off of Prednisone that I have been on for four years and make sure that the long term use of that hasn't caused any bone loss. He did put me on a preventive for that. He also gave me the go ahead for my family doctor to put me on something to help with weight loss.  While I don't care to be a 'druggie' and have as many prescriptions as my gramma and grandpa out together, I do think that it should be my #1 proiority to get me to feeling better!!

Thanks to those of you lifting up prayer!!


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