Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fabulous Friday!!

We had a field trip with HomeEd on Friday to Arkansas Muesum of Discovery . We rode with Trish, Sean and Trev..some friends of ours.  We all met in the muesum class room where one of the employees (Mrs. Diana - I believe) did a class on the Science of Toys -- it was pretty cool...she had taken apart several toys and showed the kids how they worked...magna doodle, some spring push toys, she had a few things like a slinky type phone (like a tin can phone) and some rubber balls..she did a awesome display of potential/kinetic energy that was on a 5, 6, 7 year old level.  Her finalle was dry ice..the kids all had a blast with it...she talked about the solid/liquid/gas and the fact that dry ice was the only solid that skipped the liquid step, she put some small pieces in film, canisters and put the lids on for them to explode....the kids had a blast in there with her.

We broke for lunch and then got to explore a little more of the muesum during that time...the bugs were Sis' favorite part....part of the hands on science was Ry's. 

After lunch, we had a class on Arkansas Animals..with plenty of live animals for the kids to see, touch and even hold!!!  Anything from insects and mice to small screech owls.  Sis got to hold a baby mouse, and a snake...Ry didn't want to hold anything, but I did talk him in petting most of the animals that they could touch.

When I got home Friday afternoon, I started cinnamon roll dough in the bread machine and mixing and baking muffins in the oven.  About the time I got all the muffins baked, my dough was ready and I rolled out cinnamon rolls for Saturday morning breakfast.  Once I got that made and the mess cleaned up, Rog called and told me he was headed home,so I started dinner.  I went to bed Friday night with a feeling of major accomplishment!  It was suipposed to ice and snow thru Monday and my freezer and pantry were full of meals for the next three days! We stayed up watching the Olympics and waiting for the junk to start falling!!

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