Saturday, February 18, 2006

Snowed-In Saturday

Well, we woke up to a nice coating of ICE on Saturday morning, which was what we were expecting....  It was all good though, remember - I spent all evening Friday cooking and getting ready for it- so, we got to spend the day just hanging out and having fun.  It was super nice to have Rog home, with us, all day and not have any plans.  We don't get that very often... we are usually going in 4 different directions.  We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and everyone chipped in to help clean up what little mess there was.  We set out 2 cups of water, a hot cup and a cold cup to see which on froze the quickest - kept a chart and checked it hourly.  The cold had a layer of ice on it first, but the hot froze completly solid the fastest (after 8 hours). We kept a fire in the fire place all day, so the den was nice and toasty - it was hard to go do to our room at bedtime.  Rog rode the 4 wheeler over to his parents and got their sled.  He and the kids went out front to sled, while I sat on the school table at the big window and watched them.  Then they abandoned the sled and were just running and sliding on their stomachs.  We sprinkled bird seed all over the frozen back patio and sat with our bird guides and looked up the birds that visited our patio diner.  All we saw were sparrows and a couple of female cardinals, but there were a bunch of sparrows and they were there on and off all day, and the kids had to look them up each time.  It was so nice sneaking at that school work in with out them even realizing it...hehehe....The great thing was - Rog got a glimpse of a unschooling day -- that I am really trying to lean towards - and was pretty impressed with all that we did manage to accomplish by 'doing nothing'.

We spent the evening all of us curled up by the fire watching the Olympics and reading.  I read The Third Summer of the Traveling Pants completly on Saturday.

All in all...a great day to be stuck inside!!

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