Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Doctor Visit.....again....

I had a doctor appointment with my new Rheumetologist, Dr.C, this morning, it was my 2nd visit with him, so he was just looking at all my levels on all the blood he drew last month.  He did confirm that I do have Lupus and Vanashing Lung Syndrome.  He told me that there is not much info on VLS anywhere.....that he was doing what he could to find out what it was and how to treat it and what I could expect from it. 

I really do like this new doc... he told me with his Lupus patients, his door is always open, because he never knows when we need him, so if I need him, he is there.....kinda comforting to know.. my old rheumetologist-Dr. K- I was scared to call him, but I think this doc actually cares for people!!   Crazy notion huh?

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