Sunday, January 1, 2006

The Newest Year Yet

Starting afresh...ahhh... what a great feeling!!!  I know that every year people always have new year resolutions, and every year, people give up hope after a few weeks and forget all about them until December 30th of that year.  Last year I didn't use the word 'resolution' but goals, and that seemed to work much better, so I am setting my new goals for 2006.
1) My health. This is to include, but not limited to my weight.  There are other areas that need to be considered here also.  I need to get my weight down, and I am not setting unrealistic goals.  I am calling the doc first thing Monday and going in for a 'visit' and see where he suggests I start, then I will go from there.  I would like to get the rash on my face under control so I no longer look like a teenager the day before school pics.
2) My house. Well, our house. And I am off to a great start. I want to go through and clean out, throw away, re-organize....what ever it takes to get a bit of organization around here so my house will stay clean!
3) Our finances.  I don't think paying everything off is a reachable goal, but I am going to really focus on our spending and work on paying things off so that the beginning of 2007 I can set the 'get out of debt this year' goal. 
4) Being a better wife and mom.  I feel like I am the most blessed when I see my family.  I have got the best husband in the world.  Same goes for the kiddos situation!  They are an awesome bunch, and they are mine!!
5) Scrapbook!!!  I have got to get these things caught up!!!!  Need I say more??
6) Set a list of 2nd half goals for the kiddos to reach during their schooling.
7) Last, but not least, I am going to start reading my Bible daily!!!  I saw a sig line earlier that said 'The Bible should be Daily Bread, not a cake for a special occasion' and I liked it!!
That about sums up some of my main focuses for this year....oh yeah, one!!!

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