Friday, September 16, 2005

I cannot believe

it has been almost a month since I chatted to all you lovely ladies!!!  WOW!!!  So much has gone on!!!!  We have been pretty busy with school, we took a semi-break from FIAR during the first week of Hurrican Katrina and did alot of discussing about that, in fact we held a drop-off/donation drive at our volunteer fire department (the kiddos were there and they helped alot also!!!) we sent 2 large trailers full to southern Mississippi, and several pickup truck loads of things for distribution here local -- we are in central Arkansas, so we encountered a few displaced families.  Our Ladies Auxiliary raised over $1000 for the victims of the hurricane!! 

With FIAR, we have just finished up with How To Make An Apple Pie and See The World, and we have really enjoyed make it complete, we of course, made an apple pie!!!  They learned so much from this book... more than just apples(but that is a while nother post!)!

Well, I am back on track now, gonna post a couple of more things tonight and stay caught up!!!


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