Sunday, August 14, 2005

Woo hoo.... I'm on a roll!!

WOW!!!  Today was a pretty awesome day!!  We helped my meme (my gramma) celebrate her 80th birthday!!!
Can you believe it??? And you want to know what else...her 95 year old sister in law was able to make it!!!  Is it just me or does anyone else think that is wonderful!!!!

A little about my family...see, we are not like any other families I start with, my parents are each other!!!and both of their parents are still married to each other (well, until my gramma passed 2 years ago). So, that in itself sets our family apart, but it goes deeper than that... I am 31 years old and let me tell you who I still have --all living, and all related -- 3 of my 4 grandparents, 5 great aunts and uncles (those would be great-greats to my kiddos), and then of course all the normal ( I use this term loosly!) aunts, uncles and cousins, almost all still married to each other (only have 1 aunt that has been divorced, and an uncle who has had an annulment (I think cuz she was Catholic, so I don't know details-- I was 10 when it all happened anyways) and the cool thing is, I see them on a pretty regular basis. We have a pretty close family, and my mom has done alot of geneolgy (?) search, and she can tell you all abou twho is whose 2nd cousin and how many times removed they are... it can get pretty crazy!!!!

Well, that is enough about my crazy family....can you tell I had a great day with them??  I have learned to cherish every minute I can get with them, as they get older I have come to terms that each time I see them, it really may be the's hard to take, but it is so true...I pray for them and what little bit of good health they all have left (of course, I am refering to my greats here, and my grandparents). I know their time here with us is limited.

Well, I am off to bed!!


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