Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday, August 15th

Today was a semi-lazy day.....After the birthday party last night (see previous post), my niece came home with us.  Since Rog was at the station for the night, we had an all night movie fest!!  We stayed up super late and watched Because of Winn Dixie (super cute movie, by the way!), then Benji, then The Iron Giant.  It was well after midnight when  I went to bed, and all 3 kids were bright eyed and focused on the movie.  We didn't get up around here til almost 11:00 am (well, the kids slept til then, of course I was up and going earlier (not by much though).

Our FIAR book for this week is Harold and the Purple Crayon, and since I had my niece, I flipped my days around and we did art today ( with this story, we will probably do lots of art).  We made a map of our neighborhood, complete with all of the houses of people we know, and we made our own story on large poster board of ________ and the (whatever color they chose) Crayon, and as I read through the book, they drew their own story. They turned out pretty cute, and not to bad for 5 year olds....we skipped math and 100 easy lessons today, we will catch up later.

This evening, the kiddos went to grammas and Rog and I went down to the volunteer fire department.  He has been trying to get me back active (that is where we meet years ago) so he has been arranging for a sitter on meeting nights so I can join him. (Not the most romantic of dates, but we are spending time together doing something we both love!). I am the sec/treas. of the Ladies Aux, so the FD is our life, and  I am enjoying learning!

Oh, by the way, gramma (actually bil) offered to keep the kiddos, so we actually have time to ourselves!!! So, I am off to bed.....

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