Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today was errand day, and the first story time for the new year at the library, so I got to see about how long we will be out of the house on Wednesday morning's....we did great......several errands, story time at 10:30 and groceries and lunch and we were home by 1:00.  I just can't decide if that gives us time for quiet time or art....I am thinking quiet time, since they will be starting AWANA again soon, they need to be happy in the evenings.

We had a nice storm come thru here right about the middle of nap time.  I call it quiet time for the kiddos, because they will not have 'nap time' but when you get woke up by the storms, your having nap time....

We went to church this evening. The kiddos go to a different church for AWANA, and are not real crazy about down time and me leaving them for class....I can't figure that one out...they will let me drop them off and leave the building, even go to another church and they are fine with that, but they don't want me to leave them in a class when I am going to be 15 feet away???  I guess my kids are crazy like that!!!

Well, I am pretty tired, and I have a lot to do tomorrow....the house is starting to look bad so I have lots of cleaning -- deep cleaning-- to do tomorrow!  So, off to bed... catch you lovely ladies tomorrow!


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