Thursday, August 18, 2005


Thursday in just another hang around the house day for us!!  I am soo excited!!!!  We went NOWHERE this week besides our Wednesday errand day!!!  And I got all my errands done and wsa home fairly early!  We spent alot of time of math on Thurs, the kiddos are doing MathUSee, and they are doing pretty well, Ry is still having a little trouble with 9 and 6 and sometimes 8, but other than that, they are breezing right along.  Well, we are going to take a break from MUS for a week or so. I want to play some number games and make sure they are 100% on the recognizing their 0-9 numbers before we go any further.  I have looked ahead, and they are about to start place value, with 10's and 100's, and while Sam may be ready for that, Ry is not. So, that is where we are at with math!

FIAR has such good books, with such good lessons, and we have been enjoying what I would call the 'more serious' books.  Well, this week, we have been doing Harold and the Purple Crayon.  While I know there is a lesson there about dreams and imagination, it has just really been a fun book for me and the kiddos.  We have had so much fun with art this week, along with the other lessons.  There has just been something about letting your imagination go this week!!!

Do any of you ladies set goals?  Well, what I should really be asking, is how do you go about determining what exactly their goals for each year need to be?  Or am I getting to public school with that one and just need to leave it alone?  The reason I ask, I think we need goals, actually better direction is more what I am talking about, and I am not sure about age appropriate-ness for things.  Well, I guess I will leave it at that for you ladies and for me to think about and see what comes back to me.

I have been working on my Home Notebook ~ or as Flylady's call it - control journal ~ I have gotten some great ideas from variuos places on the web, and I think I have it all on paper ~routine, schedule, daily, weekly and monthly chores, it all looks so great!  But the notebook doesn't clean for me and that is where the problem lies.....nothing got done on Thursday, so I am off to spend my Friday deep cleaning -- from top to bottom - every room - that way when I start back up with my 'routine' next week, I will not get sidetracked!


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