Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gonna catch up and the..

I am gonna get this under control and keep up with it better!!!

We are rowing 2 books right now, kinda out of sequence with my lesson plans that I have set up... but who knows why they showed up here???  We are rowing Amber on the Mountain and Down, Down the Mountain . Maybe it's because Amber is learning to read and I though t it was a good book for early in the school year....who knows!!!  Anyways, we are talking about mountains and learning to read.  They are both doing great with Math U See.. I happen to love it!!!!  and they are both doing pretty good with 100 Easy kinda freaks me out thinking that 'oh my-- I have to teach them to read' kinda a scary thought!!

We started our Created to be His Helpmeet study group yesterday at went really good.. lots of ladies, lots of encouragement.  We were assigned prayer partners, so Di if ya have any specifics, please let me know.....I will get you my email address if you want it.

Roger is at the station this morning taking a test for drivers position....he hates tests.. so I am praying that he will not be nervous and will do ok.

Today is our errand day and we are meeting Rog at ChuckE.Cheese -- yes, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!

No signs of Boogs, my cat, so I guess  he's gone... 8 years is a long time to let something go with out knowing where it is... I don't know if he ran away and is living high on the hog somewhere, or if he ran away to die -- I think cats do that....

I think I am all caught up!!  I will be back tonight to fill in the rest of the day!!

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