Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We had so much fun today..

I took my kiddos and my neice to a place called Young @ was the neatest place..... they have all kinds of things for babies -- bedding, cribs, clothes - all can be monogramed--it was neat, but what we went for was --- Painting ceramics!!!  They had a really good time!!  Samantha choose a 'cereal bowl'  more like a dad's ice cream bowl, but that is what she wanted -- painted it pink and purple ~ no specific pattern...just some pink here and some purple there, and then I helped her stamp a blue dragonfly on the sode of it.  Riley choose a 'ripple salad plate' - it is a small salad size plate, with really cool egdes and here painted with blue and green, in the same fashion that Sis did, just she covered hers completely, he did not...I helped him stamp a blue and green turtle in the middle.  Em chose a goblet that wsa in the shape of a dog-- hard to describe, but he was cute...she painted him pink and black. The ladies there are going to glaze them and fire them for us and let us know when they are ready.....I think the kids will be even more excited about them when they can bring them home and use them!  While I was there, I decided that we are going to make some Christmas presents for the grands and the great grands!!  What more could some one want??? 

Another great thing about today, my friend Brittany felt up to joining us, so her and her 2 kids got out of the house and did something fun for a change -- they have spent most of the summer at the hospital with her grandpa -- we took the kiddos to McD's and you could tell her kids really needed the play time!!!

Well, I have been super tired and not feeling all that great, so I am off to meet the girls in chat (if they show up!!!  they all seem to forget about me  ) See you girls in a bit!!

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