Friday, July 15, 2005

Ok, now for my meeting...

It has been over a week, but it appears that that this is the way me and this bloggin are going to work.....

I made arrangements with one of my internet friends that I recently meet over at Christian Homeschool Corner (Some of you my have popped in there to check it's a friend Kellyque's MSN group - that is great by the way ---sorry Kelly, I don't know how to do the fancy linking...   ).

Anyhoo, Deb was coming to Arkansas, so we make arrangements to meet.  Just want to warn you ladies, minor details are really important!!  We plan to drive up where I thought she was staying, to meet with their family at a park...well, we got our directions crossed, and we drove right by (like on the main road even!!) the house they were staying at and went 30 minutes passed there to meet them!! Well, after we got all the directions figured out, we went back to the house they were staying at (her in-laws) to swim in the creek out back.  There were 6 kids total, and they had so much least my 2 did, they are still talking about it!!  I felt like Debby and I hit it off pretty good, it was not like a first meeting of strnagers to me, it was more like a meeting of long lost friends....I never felt uncomfortable or anything...the day went real smooth.....And to top things off, our hubbies hit it off pretty good also, they left us to fend for ourselves if any snakes would have showed up, and they were on down the creek fishin!!!  They caught several fish, then when we all got back together. dh's and the kiddos chased & caught (dh's did the catchin!!) craw dads! That was a pretty funny sight to see!!!  Deb's hubby caught my kiddos a HUGE tadpole, and the were so excited!! (By the way Deb, he's still living!!).

Debby has a beautiful family and some really sweet kiddos -especially Kiarra (we hit it off pretty good!!)

All in all we had a great time, and a great meeting! They are talking about coming back in September, so maybe we will all meet up again!!


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