Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A new project

Let me start by saying, we are COMPLETLY open to any ideas, or input from you ladies!!!

We are in the process of making a terrarium/frog and lizard habitat.  We have a blue tailed skink that Rog and the kiddos found while being out by the back barn at gramma's house.  We brought him home, put him in our fish aquarium (that has not held a fish in a long time) with sime dirt/sand/and leaves that we have kept fresh.  Well, suprisingly he is still alive (we have had him for about 6-8 weeks).

In addition to the skink, we have the tadpole that Deb's dh caught us, well, he is a frog now, so we decided to make them their own habitat since they are choosing to continue to live...we thought for sure we'd probably kill them.... not intentionally of course, but I just didn't think they would live.

So, here I sit with the habitat ready to go...dozen crickets to throw in there for them to eat, and I am scared to touch them both.  Rog is at the station, so my sis is gonna come over and move them for me....

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