Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday, Monday...

Sam and Ry were a little tired this morn, we stayed at my mom's a little late last night after dinner. They went to visit Grannie this morning while I took Meme to water aerobics. After that, we went to the library story time. Ms. Amy, the librarian had arranged for the zoo to visit. They talked about and showed us a gecko, a dacu (?)-rat/squirrel type rodent, a screech owl, and a prickly stick. Afterwards, we go to pet the dacu and the prickly stick.

Man they were tired....Ry took a 3 hour nap, Sam a 2 hour, because Ry's was from 12-3 and Sams was from 2-4. Oh well, we are sleeping in in the morning!!

Got all the camping stuff out and semi sorted thru....ready to go. Look out Buffalo, here we come!!! Yes, we are going to float the river, and yes, we are taking the kids, and no, we are not worried about the canoe flipping over....what can happen?? We may get wet...that's ok, cuz it's 90 degrees here in AR!!

Guess I am signing off for the night.....oh, and in your bedtime prayers, could ya say a little prayer for a friends grandpa....he's in the hospital, and not doing very well, not sure of the details, but God knows what he needs!!

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