Sunday, June 12, 2005

Busy Sunday

Samantha and Riley spent the weekend with their grandma and grandpa. They left out Sunday morning to take the boat to the lake. I think they had a good time....except their little toes....they are new to 'flip-flops', so do I need to go further.....looks like sandals the rest of the!

They seem to have had fun, playing at the water's edge and having a dear fil on the other hand had a terrible time.....We never took the boat to the lake last summer (about 1 hour away) and when he got there today, it was apparent that someone had used the slip that he keeps the boat in. And they locked it up from him, took his locks off of his box and replaced them with their own and did some other damage there. He was not a happy camper...there was no other boat there, so I just pray that whoever "borrowed" our slip last summer doesn't return this year--to find it in use.....!!! I would hate to think of what may happen!!!

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